Princess Grace Hospital and the Cardiology Unit


In 1818, there were no hospitals or charitable institutions in Monaco, the Prince Honoré V pioneered the idea of building a modern hospital in the western part of Monaco, in the Salines district. It was Prince Albert I who brought this project to life between the 19th and 20th century. The hospital was inaugurated in 1902 as the Monaco Hospital and had 120 beds.


In 1949, with the accession to the throne of Prince Rainier III, the paediatrics service was created and called The House Rainier III.





In September  1958, the Government renamed the new hospital complex the “Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace”.  This was in honour of Princess Grace of Monaco who was always committed to humanitarian projects of solidarity and health. Concurrently, the cardiology unit was created and Professor Saou di, who arrived in 2001, presently leads this division. In May 2006, the new catheterisation  operating theatre was inaugurated by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.  With the subsequent addition of remote magnetic navig ation to this equipment, the hospital is now one of the best equipped hospitals in Europe with state of the art technology for treatment of cardiac arrhythmia.


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